AJF Live with Sulo Bee

Art Jewelry Forum has expanded its efforts to connect more directly with the jewelry community by regularly hosting live chats online. These feature artist studio visits, talks with gallerists about shows they’re hosting, interviews with curators and authors, and other programming tied to various jewelry weeks from around the globe. We record these all and post them on our website.

Sulo Bee’s pronouns are they/them.

Call for entry for [queerphoria]: Adorned Serenity, at NYCJW 2023, application deadline: October 14, 2023. Get info here.

Where to purchase Sulo’s work
Metal Museum

The GEMZ exhibition will be at the Nieuwe Instuut in Rotterdam in November 2023
Sulo has a solo show November 11, 2023–February 24, 2024, at Contemporary Craft in Pittsburgh in the Gerri Kay Exhibition cases. Info.

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