Alice Van Cal unveils Ortus Mother’s Day collection

Alice has announced the launch of its new collection named Ortus which has been released in anticipation of Mother’s Day.

The collection includes a range of three bracelets which come in different metals with different gems.

The first variation of the bracelet is a diamond and yellow sapphire in 18 carat yellow gold and retails for £10,125.

The second variation diamond and blue sapphire in 18 carat white gold retailing £10,125.

The last variation is a diamond and pink sapphire in 18 carat rose gold again retailing for £10,125.

All three styles in the “Ortus” collection feature the company’s signature invisible clasp and their unique oval shape sits comfortably, designed with durability in mind.

“Ortus”, the Latin word for “rise” fittingly signifies the rising of the sun or celestial body.

Alice Van Cal, founder, said: “I created the “Ortus” collection bracelets as a reminder to myself of my commitment to authenticity and always following my inner-guidance. To walk the right path, I believe you must first be truthful and attuned to your internal voice.

“I am prepared to flourish and pursue the best for myself, knowing that true success stems from within. When I align with my authentic self, everything else naturally falls into place, I find my true path and I hope the receiver of this beautiful bracelet will too.”

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