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Tech Center

Synthethic Diamond Screening

We currently have two state-of-the-art synthetic diamond screening machines that are not readily available to most jewelers.  DCWC takes undisclosed synthetics very seriously and we work hard every day to help protect members.  These machines are readily available to use to all members at no charge.

Social Network Trading

WhatsApp Trading Channel

DCWC has a strong undercurrent of activity between members and other industry groups.  Whether on sourcing your next diamond request on WhatsApp, or posting an item for sale on our Facebook page, or attending one of our organized trading sessions, the Diamond Club is constantly striving to offer members opportunities

Protect your business

Mediation / Arbitration

Likely our most unique service, Mediation and Arbitration services have helped many members to resolve disputes with members and non-members alike.  The strength of our process and the experience our arbitrators provide is sure to be a huge value to any member and their organization in the case a dispute occurs.

Ideas & Tips

Informative Gatherings

DCWC hosts monthly luncheons that are geared to bring together our members and provide them with valuable insight/information into services that can help members enhance their business with more opportunities or cost savings.  Presenters include: GIA, AGS, Jewelers Mutual Insurance, Transguardian shipping, Malca Amit, etc.

Free Shipping

Free Shipping to and from GIA

DCWC has an unparalleled arrangement to allow members to ship a parcel (insured up to $25,000/each) to and from GIA (on Tuesdays and Thursdays)  as a complimentary service through our affiliate member, Malca Amit.  Note: this service is only complimentary when dropped off and picked up at the 550 S. Hill location.

Downtown Los Angeles

Our Offices

Diamond Club West Coast has called 550 S. Hill St. Suite 1600 for 25 years.   With a beautiful large room and abundant natural lighting, our office is perfect to help you buy, sell, learn or socialize.   Our building is known to house the largest number of diamond wholesalers on the west coast, with plenty of manufacturing options nearby.