Bradley’s Jewellers unveils new custom diamond cut

Independent jewellery retailer, Bradley’s Jewellers York, has partnered with New York-based WD Lab Grown Diamonds to create a unique diamond cut for its best-selling York Rose Collection.

The custom-created York Rose-cut, designed by Bradley’s Jewellers founder, Kay Bradley, features an internal facet pattern inspired by the heraldic White Rose of Yorkshire – a recognisable motif of the region.

The composition of facets symbolises the five regions of Yorkshire and is visible to the naked eye. The brand said that with a jeweller’s loupe, the internal facets appear “layered and dimensional, creating what looks like three layers of leaf patterns”.

The very first laboratory-grown diamond to receive this unique cut was a 2-carat stone of E colour and VVS1 clarity.

The offering includes single-stone solitaire diamond rings, as well as eternity rings, wedding bands, pendants, bangles and earrings, all of which bear the Yorkshire Rose emblem as a decorative feature.

Bradley said: “Fifteen years ago, I had the privilege of studying at the International Gemological Institute in Antwerp, the home of European diamond cutting. Since then, I have harboured an ambition to create my own personalised and unique diamond cut. As I have created an entire collection dedicated to our region, and because of my love and passion for florals, it seemed only fitting that the White Rose of York inspire my first custom-cut diamond.”

The debut York Rose-cut laboratory-grown diamond is a Certified Sustainability Rated Diamond under the SCS 007 Jewelry Sustainability Standard.

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