Buccellati expands Opera collection

Buccellati has expanded its Opera collection with new pieces, including Opera Premium, Opera Galileo and Opera Maxi.

In the new collection the Renaissance rose window is conceived and re-interpreted to create new creations. The new pieces also maintain the “stylistic codes that characterise the maison”.

Opera Premium takes the logo element from the Opera collection and inserts diamonds between the modelled yellow gold borders. Diamonds are also in the fan-shaped corner parts, again in alternating gold colours.

The central part is embellished with radial tulle and, centering a diamond set in white gold, resting on a modelled yellow gold rosette.

The stylistic features typical of Buccellati jewellery are still there, namely the alternation of contrasting gold colours, the radial tulle and the ‘modellato’ and ‘rigato’ engravings. The Premium line includes button earrings and a pendant with chain.

Meanwhile, Opera Maxi is a magnification of the logo element combined this time with the typical tulle workmanship. The pendant is offered with or without a diamond in the centre and around the edges.

Lastly, Opera Galileo is dedicated to famous scientists Galileo Galilei for his “brilliance and inventiveness”.

The Galileo pendant is composed of concentric logo elements, to represent the astronomical sphere, in alternating colours of gold, which rotate along an axis to which they are connected, breaking the pendant down into a three-dimensional object.

The pendant is available in two versions: with and without diamonds embedded along the central rosette element.

Buccellati said: “The new declinations of the Opera line confirm traits of great personality and unmistakable style, typical characteristics of the Buccellati Maison that has made its name synonymous with style and timeless beauty in the world.”

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