Charlotte Reedtz launches first collection

Danish jewellery brand Charlotte Reedtz has launched its first collection entitled Magic Wish.

The collection is made up of 16 rings and 15 pairs of earrings that are all available in 18ct white or yellow gold.

The feature of each piece is the chosen stone. Each stone within the collection is chosen for its “distinctive energy”.

The high-end jewellery brand, launched this week, online, or by private appointment, was started by Charlotte Grierson.

Grierson said: “Each stone is chosen for the distinctive energy it holds and the way it will empower the wearer. Each stone is set with an intention, and each colour has a purpose. Whether you wear a piece of our jewellery as a statement or a subtle reminder to yourself, it will make an impact on how you feel and how you live your life.

“Our highest goal is to help our clients to tap into their inner strength, and to inspire them to welcome joy and positive change.”

She added: “You may be led to buy one of these creations because of the design, the
colours, what it evokes for you, how it makes you feel. You may be drawn to it for reasons you don’t realise. I work on every piece of jewellery individually, and each one comes with a story, an intention, and a unique energy. The one you choose is going to be right for you or the person you are getting a gift for. A gift of a little bit of magic”.

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