David Yurman enters UK market with Watches of Switzerland partnership

American luxury jewellery brand David Yurman has expanded in the UK in partnership with The Watches of Switzerland Group.

From July 2024, David Yurman will be available at Mappin and Webb, Regent Street and online. The store will feature an exclusive curation of the brand’s men’s and women’s collections, with a “strong emphasis” on 18K gold and the iconic Sculpted Cable and Chevron collections.

The store design features dark Cardoso and pale Bardiglio marble slabs lining the floor, white oak casework, and accents of travertine and “luxurious” fabric panels to adorn the space.

Founded in New York City by artists David and Sybil Yurman, David Yurman’s sculptural pieces have “defined” American luxury jewellery for more than 50 years, with the “iconic” Cable motif being the signature of the brand. The brand continues the “strong dedication” to artist inspired, creative design under the leadership of their son Evan Yurman.

Cable began as a bracelet, ingeniously created by “marrying artistic vision with advanced technology, and soon became the unifying thread that connects all Yurman creations”.

Originally crafted by hand to form a “perfectly twisted” helix, the Cable motif has evolved to inspire many of the brand’s newest designs. The most recent evolutions are the Sculpted Cable with a streamlined, wavelike pattern achieved by carving the form, and the Men’s Chevron collection where each half of the motif is a mirror image of Cable.

David Yurman said: “One of the greatest pleasures Sybil and I have had in building our business over the past 50 years has been sharing the Yurman aesthetic and artistic journey with new customers, while staying true to who we are.

“London is the perfect location for the next step of our international expansion, continuing in the classical tradition, while we evolve our signature collections, much in the same way London, as a city, has shaped its culture over time. This has always been our vision as a close-knit family of designers and story tellers. Being the first American jewellery designers to establish a premier jewellery brand, it is really gratifying for us to experience how things have developed over the years and how they will continue to shape the future of our creative vision.”

Evan Yurman added: “Since taking on the position of president of David Yurman in 2021, my focus has been bringing our iconic designs to a new wave of global consumers. The opportunity to bring David Yurman to the UK through our partnership with the Watches of Switzerland Group is an exciting step for the brand. The interest and excitement around our brand continues to grow, and increasing our global presence through this partnership was a natural progression for us. The teams at the Watches of Switzerland Group clearly value our rich and unique heritage and share our commitment to creating an inviting, elevated experience for our customers.”

Brian Duffy, CEO of the Watches of Switzerland Group, concluded: “This year will bring exciting developments for our jewellery business, and we are delighted to announce this new partnership with David Yurman. As a highly respected, innovative, and creative brand, David Yurman will provide a new perspective on jewellery craftsmanship that we believe clients will love. We look forward to growing this partnership and this new era of jewellery retail within our showroom portfolio.”

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