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DCWC Committee

Since 1949, Diamond Club West Coast has served as a bedrock for the diamond and jewelry community in downtown Los Angeles and beyond.
  • Membership Committee: To solicit, qualify, and regulate New Member applicants for the Club.


  • Social Committee: To organize, arrange, and manage social events for the DCWC members.


  • Digital Committee: To streamline and enhance DCWC’s digital communication to its members and the broader jewelry community through various mediums/platforms including our own website, WhatsApp and Facebook, while continually testing new/emerging digital communication tools/technology.


  • Newsletter Committee: To inform, discuss, and notify all DCWC members of the latest events.


  • Business, Show, and Trading Committee: To provide various methods like Trade shows, auctions, etc for members to conduct and operate a successful business.


  • Civic and Political Committee: To engage with local, state, national, and international entities to assist DCWC members in staying informed with news and information for their own well-being and furthering of their respective businesses.


  • Resident Committee: To Foster harmony and smooth working between residents, non-resident members, DCWC staff, and BoD.


  • Tech/ Synthetic Committee: To understand and educate members about the power of technology and help members with changes happening in the diamond industry.


  • Floor and Delinquent List Committee: The Floor Committee is entrusted with the duty of conducting mediation and overseeing the arbitration and appeals process as well as the creation and maintenance of the Delinquent List.