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DCWC Committee

Since 1949, Diamond Club West Coast has served as a bedrock for the diamond and jewelry community in downtown Los Angeles and beyond.
  • Membership Committee: To solicit, qualify, and regulate New Member applicants for the Club.


  • Social Committee: To organize, arrange, and manage social events for the DCWC members.


  • Digital Committee: To streamline and enhance DCWC’s digital communication to its members and the broader jewelry community through various mediums/platforms including our own website, WhatsApp and Facebook, while continually testing new/emerging digital communication tools/technology.


  • Newsletter Committee: To inform, discuss, and notify all DCWC members of the latest events.


  • Business, Show, and Trading Committee: To provide various methods like Trade shows, auctions, etc for members to conduct and operate a successful business.


  • Civic and Political Committee: To engage with local, state, national, and international entities to assist DCWC members in staying informed with news and information for their own well-being and furthering of their respective businesses.


  • Resident Committee: To foster harmony and smooth working between residents, non-resident members, DCWC staff, and BoD.


  • Floor and Complaint List Committee: The Floor Committee is entrusted with the duty of conducting mediation and overseeing the arbitration and appeals process as well as the creation and maintenance of the Complaint List.


  • Technology & Education Committee: To keep up with new technology changes happening in our industry. Researching and engaging good speakers to address our members to educate and empower them further.
  • Public Relations (PR) & Communication Committee: To enhance and maintain a positive public image by communicating and reporting newsworthy events happening at our club in real time, so as to keep the media, industry and other bourses aware and informed about the various activities happening at DCWC.
  • Food & Nutrition Committee: To Research and create different food & nutrition options while addressing different dietary needs of our members at luncheons and major events.