De Beers unveils modern tiara ahead of King Charles III coronation

De Beers has unveiled a new tiara ahead of the Coronation of King Charles III, reinterpreting the traditional jewellery piece into a contemporary one.

Crafted in coloured titanium and platinum, the tiara is set with over 40 carats of “extraordinary” natural diamonds discovered by De Beers.

De Beers said that the tiara is formed of four distinct strands, each representing a different state of water.

According to De Beers, the electric-blue halo, which is the first strand of the tiara, is peppered with white diamonds and is “reminiscent of the meteorological phenomenon known as diamond dust, which can be observed in the wilderness of Canada, one of De Beers’ diamond sourcing locations”.

At the centre of the tiara is an arc of platinum and diamonds, strung with the 8.49-carat pear-shaped Botswana diamond as well as six additional fancy-cut diamonds.

These stones represent “glaciers as well as icicles.”

Beneath the strand of icy platinum is a band of aqua-hued titanium speckled with an “irregular” pattern of diamonds that “seeks to evoke the image of melting ice”.

Lastly, the base of the tiara has been crafted from earth-toned titanium, which has been moulded into an “undulating” pattern.

De Beers stated that the titanium has again been sprinkled with diamonds, but this time utilising both rough and polished stones in order to “recall the miraculous journey of a natural diamond from deep within the Earth to a stunning high jewellery creation”.

It also said that the new tiara sits within the house’s latest high jewellery offering, Metamorphosis by De Beers, a collection which is inspired by the “constant evolution of nature and the transformative power of natural diamonds”.

Céline Assimon, CEO of De Beers Jewellers, said: “Metamorphosis by De Beers is the House’s most creative and technically challenging high jewellery collection to date, and this tiara represents the pinnacle of design and craftsmanship.

“To reinterpret a traditional piece of jewellery in such a daring and avant-garde manner demonstrates the innovative spirit at the heart of the House, inspired by the endless possibilities that our diamonds represent. At De Beers, we are fortunate to be able to select the finest diamonds from Botswana, Canada, Namibia, and South Africa; the quality, traceability, and positive impact of these gems are every bit as remarkable as the design itself.”

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