Fable and Mirth launches first handmade collection

Jewellery designer and homeware retailer Fable and Mirth has launched its first handmade jewellery collection.

The collection was inspired by the 1960s when people designed jewellery to “stand out and make a statement”.

The line is made up of a number of earrings and has been hand-produced with sustainable materials and will be available in spring or summer 2023.

Reyes said in a statement: “In recent years social media platforms have been instrumental in influencing people’s choices and opinions. Although not always used for good, one thing that social media has changed for the better is sustainable fashion. Specifically, handmade jewellery has seen a tremendous rise in popularity due to makers being able to promote their craft online.

“The surge in popularity of handmade jewellery is an enduring trend that shows no signs of going away. Millennials and Gen Z love to express themselves through style, and custom pieces made with love and care by small businesses or independent designers are perfect for this.”

The collection was designed and produced in-house by company founder Nelly Reyes.


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