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Frequently Asked Questions will be answered here.

What does the DCWC do?

• To foster the interests of the jewelry industry.

• To promote and develop fraternal and educational activities and just and equitable principles in trade.

• To eliminate abuses and unfair trade practices within or affecting the industry.

• To produce uniformity in the conduct of the business ethics.

• To cooperate with governmental agencies and others in the creation and maintenance of the instrumentalities conductive to improving ethical and economic conditions in the industry.

• To provide arbitration tribunals to adjust differences and controversies between our members.

• To carry on the activities and objects of our organization in accordance with the laws of the State of California and the United States of America.

How much does Membership cost?

The DCWC membership costs $1000 for the year. This fee includes all of the DCWC perks.

Our Benefits

Most of our members actually save money on this membership deal as it includes a lot of perks. Together we are stronger and therefore are able to get better industry deals.

How long does the application review take?

The DCWC administration needs to review your application once submitted. This process may take 30 days or less. Once we have an answer the admin will reach out to you to schedule an interview.  Please be patient during the review process we are excited to have you on board and are working to expedite the process.

Where are your offices?

DCWC has an inviting office in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.

550 South Hill Street, Suite 1600, Los Angeles, CA, 90013, USA.
+1 213.623.1162

Where can i find the DCWC bylaws ?

Once your application has been approved, you will gain access the the privileged member backend area of the website, which includes a Member Directory, Newsletter and the bylaws.

Which committees can i volunteer to join?

We are always looking for go getter personalities to help us in their area of expertise, wether it is writing, programming, planning, socializing… there is a valuable task at hand for any willing and motivated volunteers. The Social committee is thriving and are launching new events in 2019 for the DCWC members. The Newsletter committee has proven itself to be invaluable in terms of staying in “the loupe”.

Does the DCWC work with donations and or sponsorships?

The DCWC is a non profit organistation and does take donations and sponsorships. Please reach out to the DCWC administration for more information.

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DCWC has an inviting office in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. Whether in LA or in one of our 31 affiliate WFDB bourses, DCWC is strategically positioned to help you meet, buy and sell.

We look forward to hearing from current and prospective members as we continue to search for new and improved ways to add value to our members’ diamond and jewelry businesses.
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DCWC is an affiliate of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB), the apex organization of diamond dealers and manufacturers of the world. Our members have the best reputation in our business community and are pledged to uphold the highest standards of business ethics.

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