Fred Bennette launches new Everyday Unity collection

Fred Bennette, an exclusive men’s jewellery brand, has launched a new supplement collection, Everyday Unity.

The jewellery retailer said that the collection’s design is a blend of “nature and modern design”.

The new range features necklaces and bracelets and are made using stainless steel, leather and pearls.

The Everyday Unity supplement collection includes a ‘half and half’ look of a grey shell pearl and stainless steel set, stainless steel IP black plated chain and leather cord bracelets with different colours, stones and engravable plaques.

These pieces can be paired together, layered or worn separately.

Fred Bennette said: “This minimalistic aesthetic was designed for a man who cares about their environment, appreciating well-made simple designs and reinvention of better classics.

“Conveying close bonds through a mixture of textures and materials, this collection draws from modern trends whilst demonstrating our commitment towards ethical and sustainable practices. With interlocking links signifying togetherness, plain stainless steel pieces encourage layering in unique ways, bringing together looks that reflect custom styles.”

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