Fuli Gemstones and Aril Jewels launches The Lotus Tiara

Fuli Gemstones and Aril Jewels have launched ‘The Lotus Tiara’, which received the gold award at last year’s Goldsmiths Craft and Design Council Awards.

Designed by Kayla Rimmon of Aril Jewels, the brief was to design a tiara in celebration of King Charles III’s coronation back in May 2023.

After winning, Rimmon and Chloë Woodmansterne, of Aril Jewels, worked closely with Fuli Gemstones in making Rimmon’s gouache design come to fruition.

The tiara features nine marquise cut, 10 pear cut and one half-moon cut Fuli peridots, accented with aquamarines, amethysts, and pink tourmalines accompanied by a total of 259 white diamonds at a weight of 6.56cts. The frame of the tiara is set in platinum and 18K gold.

According to Rimmon, the lotus flower, in ancient Egyptian times, was a symbol of the sun, of creation, and of rebirth because at night the flower closes and sinks underwater; at dawn it rises and opens again.
In consideration of the modern day, Rimmon’s tiara also converts into a necklace, providing an opportunity to wear it on less formal occasions.

Pia Tonna, executive director of Fuli Gemstones, said: “We are so thrilled with the final result, the peridots compliment the design beautifully.”

Rimmon added: “The design celebrates peridot’s symbolism and connection with ancient Egypt. The Egyptians called peridot the gem of the sun; they believed the gemstone symbolises hope, rebirth and life, therefore the synergy between lotus flower and peridot is a harmonious partnership.”

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