Gembridge launches ‘Out of Africa’ gemstones collection

Digital marketplace Gembridge has launched its “Out of Africa” collection, inspired by the popular movie and reflecting the romance of coloured gemstones.

The collection contains an array of rare and beautiful stones from across the continent, from
tourmalines to tsavorites, which are found only in Africa.

Africa is one of the richest continents to host a large variety of coloured gemstones. Many deposits are in eastern Africa such as Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, and in Madagascar.

Gembridge is offering an exquisite assortment of stones, each accompanied by a Gembridge report stating its origin in Africa, and outlining key specifications, such as colour, cut and carat weight.

Jean Jureidini, commercial director, said: “Just like the movie, our ‘Out of Africa’ collection is a love affair, so be mesmerised by every colour, every sparkle that our collection has to offer.

“The magic that Africa has is not only because of its breathtaking scenery and landscape, but also because this vast continent casts a spell on you through the largest amount of different gems that few other parts of the world have to offer.”

Gembridge helps customers in 60 countries discover a wide variety of the world’s best gem-quality stones and jewellery at the best prices.

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