Geoffrey Good launches bespoke services

Fine jeweller Geoffrey Good has announced the launch of a new bespoke service.

As part of the service the jeweller will be offering both in person and virtual services to help customers find the right piece.

The jeweller will utilise high carat gold, platinum and responsibly sourced coloured gemstones and diamonds to create custom jewellery.

Geoffrey Good diamond bespoke pieces include elegant Arabesque diamond earrings, featuring 194 diamonds set in 18k white gold.

There is also the custom Hex diamond pendant, with over 6 cts. of diamonds in his signature geometric pave setting.

Geoffrey Good said: “Our clients become clients because we tell a story together, all of us becoming part of the context. The collaboration between myself and clients forges a bond that enriches both of us. It is a narrative that ideally just gets richer and more rewarding with time.

“I think my company stands out due to my own unique aesthetic. I’m obsessed about craftsmanship and am a strong minimalist in a field that is not known for restraint. Personally, I find great power in holding back and celebrating the simple power of a refined shape or single gem specimen.”

He added: “I lived in East Africa as a child, and the confluence of cultures in places like that has always inspired me as a designer. I like elaborate motifs, but distilling their influence into something simple and clear is what excites me.”


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