Giovanni Raspini launches Fall-Winter 2023/24 collection

Giovanni Raspini has launched its new Autumn-Winter 2023/24 collection.

The new lines feature a large variety of gemstones and include four new collections: Shine, Blade, Daphne, Rings, and Mini Earrings.

Shine represents a novelty in the brand and features big cubic zirconia which are elevated and incorporated in the “classic” perlage setting. Little silver burnished and fused spheres frame the stones.

In Shine the “very bright cubic zirconia prevails in size on the metal, overpowering the silver for the very first time in Giovanni Raspini’s jewellery”.

Shine includes a necklace, a pendant, a bracelet, a pair of earrings and a ring.

Blade is characterised by its “clean”, “shining” and “simple” forms.

The silver has been hammered and crafted with a circular or oval movement conferring a “sharp”, “razor” effect to the jewel.

On the outside it features a “blade” effect that makes it very contemporary.

Available in both silver and gold-plated silver, the collection consists of a rigid necklace, three earrings and three bangles. The latter mount an opening that allows the wrist to be bandaged.

The bangles have been designed to be stacked with other bracelets from Giovanni Raspini’s collections.

Meanwhile, Daphne features light burnished leaves gathered in an “harmonic” sequence.

The silver has been crafted to give a micro-pavé effect. Daphne is available in a necklace, a pendant, a bracelet, three pairs of earrings and two rings.

Additionally, the Rings collection includes eight statement rings made with natural stones with a cabochon cut elevated and framed by their silver setting.

From the set of eight rings, four are perlage rings and the other four are hammered rings.

The stones used in this range are pink jade, blue agate, amethyst and carnelian. Of the mounted stones, three are doubled with the mother of pearl and the fourth is a classic carnelian.

Lastly, Giovanni Raspini has launched a collection of Mini Earrings.

Available in silver and gilded silver, they are inspired by elements such as the heart, the moon, the ladybird, the butterfly, the star, and the bow.

Other earrings mount micro-gems (freshwater pearls, zircons, green siamites and mystic quartz) on tiny bezels in the form of daisies or burnished spheres.

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