Giovanni Raspini launches new men’s collection

Italian silver jewellery designer Giovanni Raspini has launched the Man’s Collection.

The jewellery has an original design made of burnished silver, using the ancient lost-wax casting technique.

A hammered texture and black onyx are the main features of this release.
The new collection features a ring set which utilises a chiaroscuro effect alongside contemporary minimalism.
Each of the four rings is made of die-cast and burnished silver with a hammered effect, featuring mounted black onyx.

The rings are offered in two sizes and two forms, with either round or square flat stones, and are designed after the traditional signet ring.

Cubes are another feature of the Man collection, which are constructed with die-cast burnished silver parts that alternate with black onyx.

Cubes feature two different styles in both a bracelet and necklace: one style is dominated by onyx decoration, while the other is dominated by silver elements.

The company has used delicate die-cast components, coloured semi-precious stones, silver inlays, and four chains to convey its artistic flare.

These chains are “incredibly versatile and ideal for casual everyday wear”.

Also included in the collection are six key rings, each with a different decoration: Four-Leaf Clover Wheel, Anchor, Helm, Coin and Horseshoe.

Entirely handmade in silver through lost-wax casting and subsequent burnishing, they are small masterpieces of sculptural and textural research.

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