Goldsmiths Centre unveils apprentice exhibition

The Goldsmiths Centre has announced a new exhibition showcasing pieces from four apprentices.

The Apprentice to Masterpiece: The Work of the Goldsmiths’ Apprentices exhibition will be on display until 25 April 2024.

The artists on show are Sophie Chapman, representing Asprey London Ltd, Amy Gibson, from Alex Monroe Ltd, Celeste Heathcote, from SamJames Ltd, and Charlie Lewis from Stuart Ray Ltd.

These apprentices, having recently completed their training in December 2023, have received acclaim for their achievements at the prestigious annual Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council 2024 competition.

Chapman was honoured with the Smallworkers and Modelmakers Award and The Podolsky Award for her meticulously crafted 1:18 Model of a Nissan Figaro while Gibson was decorated with the Jewellers Craft Award for her Hummingbird.

Heathcote’s talent was celebrated with the Engravers, Die Sinkers, and Seal Engravers Award for her exceptional Ish Wish Dish.

Lastly, Lewis was distinguished with the Chasers Award and The Theo Fennell Master and Apprentice Award for his Grape and Vine Cup.

Helen Dobson, programme manager (Education), said: “We are extremely proud of the four award-winning Masterpieces within the exhibition and the exceptional young craftspeople who have created them. This exhibition is a great reminder of the need for continued excellent craft education within the UK – something that the Goldsmiths’ Company Apprenticeship Scheme and the Goldsmiths’ Centre are committed to.”

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