Goshwara adds three pieces to Ark collection

Goshwara has announced the addition of two rings and a pair of earrings to its Ark collection.

The Ark collection is a “celebration of the wonders of the animal kingdom”, encapsulating their essence in vibrant sapphires, rubies, white sapphires, and tsavorites.

The new pieces include a remarkable white sapphire and onyx elephant ring, a multi-sapphire and onyx dog ring, and multi-sapphire and onyx elephant earrings.

The rings and earrings add to the pins and pendants in the collection which were unveiled at the start of November.

The Ark Collection showcases a range of elephant brooches and pendants as well as cheetahs, dragonflies and eagles.

Sweta Jain, founder, said: “Today more than ever, it’s important to protect our environment. And being humane to animals is correlated to that. In addition, saving some of the species will give the future generations a chance to enjoy the beauty of these animals the way we had an opportunity to. To that effect, a part of the proceeds from the sale of pieces from the ‘Ark’ Collection will be donated to animal and environment-related charities.’’

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