Hannah Martin launches HMP collection

Hannah Martin has announced the launch of a new piercing collection, HMP.

Martin founded the brand in 2006 and her jewellery is characterised as “gender fluid”.

The jewellery retailer said that the new collection is specially created with the “unique individuality of piercings” at the forefront of the design.

The piercings are made from 18ct gold body piercing with sculptural designs and a “Hannah Martin” edge.

HMP jewellery can be worn alone, added to and updated through time for an “individual interpretation”.

Customers can browse and shop online initially by jewel type, with straight, curved or ring piercings, or alternatively focus selection by body placement.

The HMP ‘create your own’ offering allows clients to select from a range of foundation components, with options including barbells, captive rings, hinged rings, ends and hangers.

Clients can explore a wide selection of HMP shapes and sizes with the choice of adding pearls, teardrops, diamond studs in white, champagne or cognac and are also guided through the piercing process.

HMP jewellery can be pierced exclusively in L.A. and London.

In London, HMP will be hosting piercing artist, Miss Roni, by private appointment. Hannah Martin will also offer a bespoke curation service.

Martin said: “HMP sets out to challenge outdated notions of body piercing as a primarily subcultural pursuit, in a beautifully elegant concept designed to appeal to all jewellery wearers, from piercing aficionados to those wishing to take the first step. The HMP mission is to transcend the act of piercing – elevating the experience by engaging an individual’s senses and awakening them.

“Piercing becomes a ritual, a space for reflection and nourishment. It is about creating a connection. The breadth of the collection is sensitively designed and expertly crafted to cater for a wide variety of piercings. Similarly the jewels range from subtle gestures of understated expression, through to a bold sense of strength with the embellished decadence of emblazoned gemstones.”

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