Houlden achieves record sales | Jewellery Focus

Houlden has announced that it has posted record sales for the year ended February 2023, with sales up 16% compared with last year and 52% up on pre-pandemic figures.

As a not-for-profit organisation, all surplus is returned to the membership and, in this case, the rebates in 2023, are three times higher than those paid out before the pandemic.

These positive results were announced at the Houlden Autumn meeting which was held on 19 and 20 September.

The meeting was also held to highlight the latest key trends and the launch of new initiatives designed to provide information and training systems.

Lucinda Andrews, from Weir and Sons, Houlden member, said: “The trends talk was very insightful. It was great to see some of the exciting things jewellers are now doing. The piercing trend is here to stay it would seem.

“Although not all of it would suit our businesses, it demonstrated the engaging and theatrical way that retailers are now interacting with their customers by introducing things like permanent jewellery. I found it all very interesting.”

Peter Chamberlain, director of Diamond by Appointment, added: “Houlden is a must attend show for us as all the Members really appreciate our approach to working collaboratively for mutual benefit. If they succeed, we succeed! Expanding regionally in partnership with Members has proven to be a successful strategy for our business, leveraging local expertise and relationships for sustainable growth.

“We were delighted to receive the Houlden award for the most Progressive Supplier at the event.”




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