Jessica Flinn launches new Art Deco collection

Sheffield-based jewellery brand Jessica Flinn Fine Jewellery has launched its new Art Deco collection.

The new collection draws inspiration from the vintage Art Deco jewellery and has been designed by junior designer Emma Fathers.

This collection pays homage to the “striking aesthetics” of Art Deco, featuring “bold” geometric patterns with clean lines, squares, triangles, pyramids, and arcs.

The new range features geometric gemstones such as sapphires, rubies and tourmalines entwined with gold, platinum and diamonds.

The range also includes salt and pepper diamonds to add a contemporary touch.

The collection boasts 12 pieces and the Hattie and Olivia rings are just teasers for the rest of the collection, which launched in full on 8 November.

The Hattie ring features an emerald-cut teal sapphire that is nestled in a half rub-over setting, adorned by brilliant-cut lab grown diamonds on each side, forming a triangle-shaped accent.

Meanwhile, Olivia, which draws its inspiration from the “symmetrical designs and architectural marvels” of that era, features a 1-carat hexagonal salt and pepper diamond at the centre. The diamond is nestled in a bezel rub-over setting and is flanked by two baguette lab-grown diamonds.

Alongside the launch of its new collection, Jessica Flinn has also collaborated with models from Zebedee model agency, highlighting a range of diversities, including age, skin tone, and disability in its latest project.

Fathers said: “My inspiration was drawn from the intricate geometric motifs of vintage Art Deco designs. I was determined to infuse this collection with the boldness that defined the era. To achieve this, I immersed the pieces in rich, deep greens, fiery reds, and opulent golds and platinums. The result is a collection that exudes an unmistakable sense of luxury and grandeur.”

Jessica Flinn-Allen, CEO of Jessica Flinn Fine Jewellery, added: “At Jessica Flinn, our unwavering commitment lies in the celebration of diversity in all our endeavours. When selecting models to partner with, our aim is to collaborate with individuals who may not conform to the conventional and traditional standards for fine jewellery.

“We acknowledge that the fine jewellery industry often portrays a limited perspective, primarily featuring white, young, heterosexual couples, which does not reflect the true diversity of our world. Our objective is to offer representation to those who are underrepresented in this space.”

She added: “That’s why, for this photoshoot, we’ve worked with two beautiful women who defy these conventional norms – one is older and wears a hearing aid, while the other has a darker complexion. In our past campaigns, we have also collaborated with models of diverse gender identities, varying abilities, ages, and skin tones. We are determined to drive change within the industry and are consistently striving to make meaningful progress.”

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