Jessica Flinn launches new Botanicals Collection

Sheffield-based fine jewellery brand Jessica Flinn has launched its new Botanicals Collection.

The new range is inspired by Art Nouveau motifs and is a combination of vintage charm and contemporary design.

Jessica Flinn’s senior designer, Emma Fathers, observed these motifs during Paris Haute Couture Week and embarked on a journey to craft a collection that embodies the essence of “delicate” florals and “bold” curves.

The collection boasts nine designs, including wedding bands and engagement rings.

Jessie Batsford, the creative brand lead, orchestrated a captivating photoshoot for the collection, which was set within a Nouveau Victorian-inspired greenhouse.

Fathers said: “The allure of Art Nouveau lies in its graphic curves and nature-inspired motifs. Our Botanicals Collection captures this essence with a bouquet of delicate flower engagement rings and leafy wedding bands, each intricately designed to captivate hearts.”

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