Jessica Flinn rebrands with new updated look

Sheffield-based jeweller Jessica Flinn Fine Jewellery has announced its rebrand with a new updated look. 

From the detailed redesign of its logo to the selection of a “refined” colour palette, every facet of Jessica Flinn Fine Jewellery’s rebranding journey has been carefully curated to “epitomise the brand’s sophistication and luxury”. 

Founder Jessica Flinn stated that the jewellery house pledges to transform 2024 into a year marked by “boundless growth and innovation”. 

The group has big plans for the year ahead, including expansion strategies and the introduction of a new aesthetic, which will be revealed in due course. The brand refresh acts as the first step in its master plan.

Flinn said: “This creative refresh has been a labour of love. We stand on the precipice of an exciting future, fueled by our commitment to innovation and evolution. 

“This brand refresh serves as a poignant symbol of our growth and resilience, a celebration of thirteen years of our time in the jewellery industry. We are thrilled to unveil our new identity to the world, it’s a testament to our unwavering dedication to progress and reinvention.” 

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