Lebrusan Studio launches Artisan Collection of engagement rings

Lebrusan Studio has officially launched its Artisan Collection, a new troupe of engagement rings crafted exclusively from traceable and artisanally mined materials.

The collection includes gold bands, elevated claw settings and 1ct round brilliant cut central diamonds, along with the option for hand engraving. Variations include a classic solitaire, a trilogy setting, and a band micro-set with small shoulder diamonds.

Each made-to-order jewel is to be cast in 18ct Fairmined Ecological Gold, extracted by the XAMODX cooperative in Mongolia without the use of any mercury or cyanide. The collection’s crowning jewels are Ocean Diamonds, retrieved from the ocean floor off the west coast of Namibia career divers.

Lebrusan Studio said that Ocean Diamonds are carried through torrent over billions of years and flow through rivers until they eventually settle between gullies or become hidden within the seabed. Once brought to the surface, the diamonds are faceted by stone-cutters in the local area.

Lebrusan Studio’s new Artisan Collection is a venture with a primarily socioeconomic and environmentally sustainable focus, offering recycled metals and reclaimed diamonds across all other collections.

Lebrusan Studio said: “By committing to gold and diamonds that can be traced right back to their artisanal roots, we’re not only offering our clients the transparency they deserve, we’re ensuring that wealth is distributed evenly throughout the supply chain.

“These jewels are an opportunity to champion artisanal and small-scale mining communities, whose livelihoods are just as legitimate as ever.”

Ocean Diamonds added: “We really admire Lebrusan Studio’s ethos and choice of gold for the pieces too alongside the Ocean Diamonds.”

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