L&S Jewellery: A do-it-all workshop for jewellery retailers

L&S Jewellery has created a team of highly skilled craftsmen, allowing it to offer a complete jewellery service to its clients.

It offers bespoke rings, CAD design, repairs and full refurbishing jobs. With over 150 years of combined experience in the jewellery trade, its CAD designers are perfecting the most popular engagement rings that are being sold on the market today. 

L&S ensures that its mounts for any bespoke ring are heavier in the dimensions and the size of the setting; this makes for a much stronger ring that stands the test of time.

Its mounters have been trained by some of the most prestigious names in fine jewellery and are able to take on the most challenging repairs and refurb jobs which most workshops would not be able to confidently do. L&S prides itself in being able to manufacture completely handmade on request as opposed to CAD.

Using top of the range microscopes the L&S setters can set in any style; from microsetting, channel, rub over, fishtail and more. Its setting stands out, and without proper setting, the stones in your customers ring may not look as good as it could do. 

Finally, it also offers polishing services in house and if you would like to consider using L&S, please email info@landsjewellery.co.uk for a price list.

If you are a retailer looking for a workshop that can take on all of the different types of work and deliver a fast turnaround, then get in contact after you see what it can offer.

L&S Jewellery LTD

32-34 Greville Street 

Mariner House 

4th Floor 


EC1N N8TB   

Contact number: 02035831811

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