Maison Chaumet launches ‘Bee my Love’ collection

Maison Chaumet has announced the launch of its new “Bee my Love” collection centred around mirror polished gold.

The collection embraces the honeycomb and its graphic shape as well as leaning into the history of France, the bee was the imperial emblem of Napoleon Bonaparte.

The collection fuses gold and diamonds for creations pared down to the point of abstraction.

The bracelets and hoop earrings in the collection are “delicately articulated and openwork cuffs”, with a honeycomb pattern, alternating diamonds, mirror-polished gold and finely-wrought cells.

The collection also includes two necklaces , the first set with 73 diamonds, the second punctuated with 9 diamonds.

Furthermore, earrings, a brooch and a toi et moi ring in yellow gold and diamonds are all inspired by the insect.

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