Mappin and Webb unveils Renee Collection

Mappin and Webb has announced its new limited edition collection entitled the Renee Collection.

The line is a celebratory curation of diamond jewellery that “honours the brand’s heritage, craftsmanship and exemplary quality”.

The creation of the line was overseen by the Crown Jeweller and includes the creative cues of ribbon and wave flowing baguette diamonds coming from the beautiful Art-Deco inspired pieces within their archives.

The collection consists of four pieces; 18ct WG 0.75cttw Renee Ribbon hoop earrings, 18ct WG 0.85cttw Ribbon necklace, 18ct WG 1.5cttw Renee Ribbon Bangle and an 18ct WG 1cttw Renee Ribbon ring.

Mark Appleby, Mappin and Webb master craftsman and Crown Jeweller, said: “The Renee Collection draws on the depths of our archives, to create modern jewellery pieces that marry innovation with craftsmanship,which is at the heart of our business.

“The use of ribbon bows (which often symbolise love and affection) used within the collection are both delicate and feminine. We wanted to create a collection that was slightly playful with a careful selection of diamond cuts that empathise our expertise. This range was a pleasure to oversee.”

The bow motif first appeared in jewellery in the 17th Century, as symmetrical and stiff adornments for the French Royal court.

Subsequent modern advances in jewellery-making techniques have since enabled designs to be more fluid.

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