Newcastle ‘most jewellery-obsessed city’ in the UK, study finds

Newcastle has been named as the ‘most jewellery-obsessed city’ in the UK, scoring an overall score of 93.92, according to a new report by luxury jewellery retailer Liberty London.

The report stated that Newcastle shone brightly at the top of its overall table, consistently scoring amongst the highest in each category of jewellery type, metals and gemstones.

Specifically, Newcastle ranked four different jewellery types; chains, bracelets, rings and earrings, as equal favourites.

The city also held the top spot for a variety of metals and stones, both precious and semi-precious.

Silver, platinum and copper were all preferred to gold in Newcastle. Among precious gemstones, rubies and emeralds were preferred over sapphires, and Moissanite outperformed diamonds.

Second, on Liberty’s overall list of most jewellery-obsessed states was Manchester. The so-called Capital of the North’s overall score of 87.13 put the city in a close second place to Newcastle.

Manchester also had the highest overall score in two of the jewellery categories; necklaces and general jewellery.

In third place on the overall table was Leeds scoring 84.71. The city has a particular affinity for nose jewellery, preferring this over any other town.

Together with high rankings across most other categories, this cemented its third-place position.

According to Liberty, the biggest surprise from its research was that London was the 10th most jewellery-obsessed city in the UK, with a score of 45.26.

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