Nivoda unveils new rebrand | Jewellery Focus

Nivoda, the B2B marketplace for diamonds and jewellery, has unveiled a new rebrand.

The company stated that these changes signalled a “profound shift” in the way jewellers engage with their craft and customers.

Nivoda stated that the main driving force behind the change was a desire to streamline the diamond purchasing process.

The company is also aiming to be a key support for retailers gemstones by “removing the complexities of multiple suppliers and invoices”.

CEO David Sutton said: “it’s crucial that our branding reflects our commitment to helping our customers be successful. We see our customers’ profits as our responsibility. The first impression people have of Nivoda has to match what’s actually happening inside the platform and the experience customers have while using our products and services.”

Nivoda now believes it is a custodian of each intricate detail, enabling jewellers to immerse themselves fully in their craft.

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