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Art Jewelry Forum’s international gallery supporters celebrate and exhibit art jewelry. Our monthly On Offer series allows this extensive network of international galleries to showcase extraordinary pieces personally selected to tempt and inspire you. Take a look. You’re bound to find a fantastic piece you simply can’t live without! (Please contact the gallery directly for inquiries.)

June 2023, Part 2

Annika Pettersson, Lucent Sea Catch
Annika Pettersson, Lucent Sea Catch, 2023, brooch, mother-of-pearl, seashell, sterling silver, oak, 4 ⅜ x 3 ⅛ x ⅛ inches (110 x 80 x 2.5 mm), photo: artist

Gallery: Platina, Stockholm, Sweden (click the gallery’s name to link to its website)
Contact: Sofia Björkman (click the gallerist’s name for email)
Artist: Annika Pettersson
Retail price: US$900

The pearl, it comes from the ocean, it is born in the water. A pearl makes one think of a seashell, the notion of water and the ocean inherent in the pearl as an object. Most gems are found in the dirt, in the earth, but the pearl is developed and created underwater. The brooches from the Remember the Ocean series can be seen as keepsakes or snapshots of the sea, aspiring to catch or capture the recollection of the sandy shoreline and the sparkling sea. The seashells originate from the beach and the oak wood is driftwood trees from the shore.

Svenja John, Cirella
Svenja John, Cirella, earrings, Makrolon® polycarbonate, finest pigmented acrylic paint, oxidized silver, 3 ¾ x ¾ x ¾ inches (95 x 20 x 20 mm), photo: Galeria Tereza Seabra

Gallery: Galeria Tereza Seabra, Lisbon, Portugal (click the gallery’s name to link to its website)
Contact: Tereza Seabra (click the gallerist’s name for email)
Artist: Svenja John
Retail price: €418, plus shipping

Svenja John has been making jewelry since 1994, working in Berlin. The whole time, she has been using Macrofol®, a polycarbonate processed to create foil. Since the very beginning, her jewelry has been pieced together. Using ingenious techniques, she invents form modules which she then joins up and suspends one within the other, forms nestling within forms, stacked one on top of the other. She thus creates semi-opaque clusters and structures that remind one of scientific models, of crystalline and organic structures. The model of an atom, perhaps? An attempt at representing heavenly bodies in orbit? Stylized blossoms or allusions to polished precious stones?

Emily Culver, For James
Emily Culver, For James, 2022, brooch, brass, silver, resin, body matter, steel, 3 x 1 x 1 inches (76 x 25 x 25 mm), photo courtesy of the artist

Gallery: Baltimore Jewelry Center, Baltimore, MD, US (click the gallery’s name to link to its website)
Contact: Allison Gulick (click the gallerist’s name for email)
Artist: Emily Culver
Retail price: US$250

Emily Culver is a multimedia object maker. She attended Tyler School of Art, Temple University, where she received her BFA in metals/jewelry/CAD-CAM in 2012. In 2017, she received her MFA in metalsmithing from Cranbrook Academy of Art. In addition to maintaining a studio practice, Culver is an assistant professor at Old Dominion University and teaches at craft schools around the country, including Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, Pocosin Arts School of Fine Craft, and Pratt Fine Arts Center. In May she visited the Baltimore Jewelry Center for a micro residency.

Karen Vanmol, Sunset Earrings
Karen Vanmol, Sunset Earrings, wood, laminate, sterling silver, 2.8 x 1 ¾ inches (70 x 44 mm), photo courtesy of Pistachios Contemporary Art Jewelry

Gallery: Pistachios Contemporary Art Jewelry, Chicago, IL, US (click the gallery’s name to link to its website)
Contact: Pistachios Team (click the gallerist’s name for email)
Artist: Karen Vanmol
Retail price: US$265

In her signature style, Karen Vanmol collages wood and laminate to create playful, asymmetrical earrings in shades of blues and whites with a pop of orange.

Aaron Decker, Mace Studs
Aaron Decker, Mace Studs, 2023, earrings, sterling silver, photo courtesy of Galeria Reverso

Gallery: Galeria Reverso, Lisbon, Portugal (click the gallery’s name to link to its website)
Contact: Paula Crespo (click the gallerist’s name for email)
Artist: Aaron Decker
Retail price: €400

To mark Aaron Decker’s first international solo exhibition, Reverso Gallery is excited to present several pendants, brooches, and necklaces from the artist’s ongoing body of work, MorningStar. In this new body of work, Decker states that several pieces can be “mistaken for toys.” The artist plays with malevolent symbols and cartoonish depictions of evil at the scale of toys.

Märta Mattsson, Wings
Märta Mattsson, Wings, 2017, earrings, cicadas (no protected species were used), resin, pigment, varnish, silver, 1 ¾ x ¾ x ⅝ inches (45 x 20 x 15 mm), photo: Four

Gallery: Four Gallery, Gothenburg, Sweden (click the gallery’s name to link to its website)
Contact: Karin Roy Andersson (click the gallerist’s name for email)
Artist: Märta Mattsson
Retail price: 4,600 SEK

The Swedish artist Märta Mattsson’s exceptional skills at finding balance on the edge between the beautiful and the disgusting has made her work well known internationally. “Sometimes I see beauty in things that other people find strange or are even repulsed by,” she states. “My jewelry deals with the tension that lies between attraction and repulsion.”

Silvie Altschuler, Domingo
Silvie Altschuler, Domingo, 2020, brooch, 18-karat gold, citrine, plastic, ½ x ⅞ x ¾ inches (12 x 22 x 18 mm), photo: Anthony McLean

Gallery: Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h, Montreal, Canada (click the gallery’s name to link to its website)
Contact: Noel Guyomarc’h (click the gallerist’s name for email)
Artist: Silvie Altschuler
Retail price: CAN$560

Full of humor, fantasy, and irony, the figurative jewelry of Silvie Altschuler is made of opposite materials, both in their consistency and in their inherent value.

Terhi Tolvanen, Urban Lagoon
Terhi Tolvanen, Urban Lagoon, 2020, ring, quartz, pear wood, paint, silver, composite, 1 ⅜ inches (34 mm) tall, photo courtesy of Viceversa

Gallery: Viceversa, Lausanne, Switzerland (click the gallery’s name to link to its website)
Contact: ilona Schwippel (click the gallerist’s name for email)
Artist: Terhi Tolvanen
Retail price: 1,730 CHF

Terhi Tolvanen (FI/FR) investigates the relationship between human and nature. She is fascinated by the interference generated by humans in their relationship with nature, and by the unexpected strategies that nature develops in return to defend itself. Her research focuses on the unpredictability of living things and the dialogue between control and freedom. With this ring, she re-creates from her memory a landscape with a lake surrounded by red earth.

Angela Giuliani, Zig Zag
Angela Giuliani, Zig Zag, 2021, earrings, oxidized sterling silver, (longest earring) 3 ⅜ x ⅝ x ⅝ inches (87 x 15 x 15 mm); (shorter earring) 3 ⅛ x ¾ x ¾ inches (80 x 20 x 20 mm), photo courtesy of Zu design

Gallery: Zu design, Adelaide, Australia (click the gallery’s name to link to its website)
Contact: Jane Bowden (click the gallerist’s name for email)
Artist: Angela Giuliani
Retail price: AUS$800

The Zig Zag earrings are a dynamic and playful study of form. Each link is carefully hand fabricated and assembled piece by piece. Created from simple cross sections of sterling silver wire in round and square, these are asymmetrical earrings that reflect Angela Giuliani’s love of architecture and architectural forms. Giuliani is a current tenant at Zu design.

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