Oushaba launches new Connection Salvaged collection

The sustainable art and design house Oushaba has announced the launch of its first collection Connection Salvaged.

The Connection Salvaged collection was curated with an aim to explore the relationship between the technology that connects us and the precious resources that are discarded as a result.

The house elevates recycled materials while promoting and sustaining global artisanal crafts.

The 38-piece Connection Salvaged collection features fragments of repurposed electronic waste housed in recycled 22kt yellow gold, 18kt white gold and silver combined with sustainably sourced diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires.

Mobile phone circuit boards, charging cables, USB sticks and plugs are reimagined as rings, necklaces, earrings, cuffs and cufflinks, in unisex designs inspired by archaeological treasure.

Handcrafted by goldsmiths in Sicily using components salvaged from obsolete electronics, each limited-edition piece combines traditional lost-wax casting techniques with modern materials that are not typically considered precious.

The jewellery retailer said that the collection challenges preconceived notions of preciousness, while providing a solution to the growing environmental concern posed by electronic waste.

Gillian Carr, managing director and co-founder of Oushaba, said: “One of our driving principles is to see the extraordinary within the ordinary. During the 2020 lockdown, when Oushaba was being envisaged, we relied on technology to keep us connected to our loved ones.

“But we upgrade our phones on average every 18 months, and 80% of e-waste isn’t recycled properly, so it ends up in landfill. There are many beautiful elements found within electronics – including gold, but also the jewel-like colours and interesting details of the circuitry and electrical components. We wanted to challenge people’s ideas about a material that is considered waste.”

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