Rebus launches one-of-a-kind signet rings

Goldsmiths and hand engravers Rebus has announced it is launching one-of-a-kind signet rings, designed around nautical style.

Carved from single mined origin gold, the new Rebus ocean-inspired jewels include The Oxford 55 Signet SMO Gold Ring, which is available in 9K, 14K, or 18K SMO yellow gold.

The collection also includes a Stone Set Oval Signet Ring, which is available in bloodstone, carnelian, lapis lazuli, and onyx.

Emmet Smith, founder of Rebus, said: “I always feel happier and energised when close to the ocean in all its changing moods. I wanted to capture this spirit and profound attachment in these designs, after all, who doesn’t feel better after a day by the sea.

“The decision to use SMO gold was an easy one so that our clients and ourselves can be secure in the knowledge that our jewellery is not only beautiful but is also a social and environmentally responsible choice.”

Rachel Constantine, marketing director for Rebus, added: “The chain of custody guarantees the highest quality raw materials without any pricing premium, so if for yourself or a loved one, the purchase can be enjoyed in the knowledge of guaranteed excellence and provenance.”

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