Repossi extends its Berebere collection with two new pieces

Repossi has unveiled a new lacquer colour for its Berebere chromatic ring and has reinterpreted the Berebere design as a bracelet.

Maison Repossi’s Berbere collection is inspired by modern and contemporary art.

The chromatic ring highlights a minimalist gold line reparation enhancing the shape of the body, referring to minimalist artist Donald Judd.

It also features a sage-green colour which has a chromatic effect.

In addition, Repossi has introduced its first bracelet in the Berebere collection, which had mainly included rings and earmuffs for a decade.

A decomposed reinterpretation of the Berbere signature ring, the bracelet showcases every key element of the ring: the plain gold circle, the link of paving diamonds and the signature bar.

The double-chain adds “individuality to the conventional yet easy-to-wear bracelet, staying true to the collection’s avant-garde attitude”.

Repossi said: “The Sage-Green Chromatic ring offers a new ring with character that advocates audacity, elegance and felinity. This trendy yet timeless colour reinforces the attractiveness of the chromatic offer.

“Additionally, focused on rings and earmuffs for a decade, establishing the Berbere collection as a signature design, it is now time to reveal a new Module Bracelet to complete the collection and pay tribute to the collection’s essence and emblematic codes.”

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