Rosanna and Christie Wollenberg, Otiumberg Founders

British jewellery brand Otiumberg has achieved B Corp certification following two years of dedicated work towards the accreditation by founder and brand director Rosanna Wollenberg.

By becoming B Corp certified, Otiumberg is “reinforcing” its ongoing commitment to environmental and social actions, transparency and accountability.

Otiumberg has achieved a B Impact Assessment score of 82.4, based on the evaluation of the following five impact areas: community, customer, environment, government and workers.

Founded by sisters Rosanna and Christie Wollenberg in 2016, Otiumberg has “provenance” and “ethical sourcing” at its core and was awarded the Marie Claire Sustainability Award in 2021.

According to Otiumberg, a rejection of seasonality and an emphasis on made-to-order and small production runs are at the heart of Otiumberg’s operations, as are annual life-cycle assessments which allow the sisters to account for their environmental impact.

To stay in line with their responsibility efforts, every component is hand-crafted in recycled metals, and designed to transcend seasonality.

This month the sisters are taking their efforts one step further and marking the launch of their first Single Mine Origin gold collection; a fully traceable gold refined from one single mine site.

The first pieces to be launched in SMO gold are the Men’s Wedding Bands and the Domino Ring which has been handcrafted in 9ct gold and features an ethically sourced smokey quartz.

Each piece features an SMO bar code which shows its customers where their gold was mined, the journey it has taken and the positive impact it has made along the way.

Rosanna and Christie Wollenberg, Otiumberg founders, said: “We are delighted to have achieved B-corp status; a testament to the responsible ethos and stubborn determination of our team to do things better in an industry that is often very closed. As a sister-led, family brand we have always wanted to create a business that we can feel proud of, and B-corp has always been part of that vision. B-corp gives us a verified regulation and responsible framework to navigate a space which can so often be unregulated and misleading.

“We are incredibly proud and now even more determined as a team to continue to do better: this is really just the beginning. Whilst certification is very much a cause to celebrate, we recognise that we have a long way to go and already have many new plans in the pipeline to help us get there. We hope that our certification inspires others to sign up to the process also. After all, wider industry change is what we are seeking.”

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