Royal Mint submits coins for Trial of Pyx

The Royal Mint has submitted 7,960 coins for testing at the UK’s oldest judicial ceremony, the Trial of the Pyx.

The 700-year-old ceremony aims to protect consumers by upholding the quality of the nation’s coinage through rigorous testing.

The process ensures that the coins produced by The Royal Mint meet the standards of precision, accuracy and exceptional craftsmanship for which it is internationally renowned.

This year’s Trial of the Pyx marks the final chapter in His Majesty King Charles III’s transition onto British coinage.

The Royal Mint has submitted several limited-edition coin designs that cover themes from the 75th Anniversary of the NHS to celebrations of author of The Lord of The Rings J.R.R. Tolkien.

Anne Jessopp, CEO of The Royal Mint said: “This historic moment marks the beginning of a new tradition as we present the new coins of the nation for trial. King Charles III’s definitive collection has been produced to The Royal Mint’s highest quality standards, whilst highlighting His Majesty’s passion for conservation and the natural world. Exceptional craftsmanship is at the heart of The Royal Mint’s work and I am proud to preserve our legacy and showcase our spectacular skill and expertise.”

Dan Thomas, the King’s Assay Master, added: “It is an honour to be a part of one of the UK’s oldest judicial ceremonies to unveil a new chapter in our rich history. Each coin is a celebration of His Majesty, King Charles III. We are committed to ensuring our nation’s coinage is underpinned by the quality, accuracy, and excellence for which The Royal Mint is famous.”

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