Scottish Goldsmiths Trust creates Marchmont Silversmithing Workshop

The Scottish Goldsmiths Trust (SGT) has partnered with Marchmont House to create the Marchmont Silversmithing Workshop.

The Marchmont Silversmithing Workshop is a national centre where up to five silversmiths at a time can design and create pieces from precious metals.

The workshop is being fully equipped with the entire collection of tools, machinery and books built up by celebrated Scottish master silversmith Graham Stewart who died in 2020.

The SGT convened a panel of acclaimed silversmiths to select four exceptional tenants for the workshop, with the final bench being reserved for short-term residencies.

The workshop’s master silversmith is Ryan McClean and the other tenants are Hannah Keddie, Scott Smith and Katie Watson.

McClean said:“I really wanted to come here because Marchmont has such a creative community, the workshop is going to be fantastic and it will be such a great environment to work in. I also hope that having a new home for silversmithing in Scotland will help raise awareness and interest in the craft.”

The workshop will be publicly opened on 25 March, as part of the “At Home with Silver Weekend”.

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