Serge DeNimes sales up 20% to £2.4m

Male jewellery brand Serge DeNimes has seen its sales jump 20% to £2.4m in 2022, up from £2m in 2021.

The company attributed this increase in sales to its successful launch in the USA and its new Seven Wonders collection.

The company staged a successful pop-up in New York two years ago and last October launched its own US website and warehousing so it could ship directly to US customers.

The brand now plans to roll out further expansion with warehouses in Australia, Asia and across Europe.

Based on its consistent levels of growth over the last 12 years and the big push in the States, sales are projected to hit £4m this year and more than £6m in 2024.

Oliver Proudlock, founder, said: “Phrases such as worth its weight in gold or silver have stood the test of time for a very good reason and quality runs through everything we do.

“We work incredibly hard to stay abreast of new trends and launch four new collections a year. We are so proud of the new Seven Wonders pieces which take a step back in time to reconnect with the ancient wonders that continue to shape contemporary art.”

He added: “Other stars such as Harry Styles, Shawn Mendes and Frankie Ocean wear their jewellery with pride and have inspired growing numbers of men to try new Serge pieces. Jewellery was once seen as an afterthought like a hat or watch but now it is making the whole outfit.

“Men are increasingly using accessories as a really powerful way to communicate and we are delighted to be at the forefront of that trend. That truly genderless feel in fashion, where partners can share what they like to wear, has been massive for us. We are not just a men’s brand and have increasing numbers of female customers. Men’s pinky rings are the same size as most women’s middle fingers.”


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