Steven Stone launches The Stone Lab

Steven Stone has announced the launch of The Stone Lab, a boutique jewellery company with a “mission to create unique pieces of lab grown and moissanite jewellery that will stand the test of time”. 

Founded in 1937, Steven Stone has built its reputation on high quality, personalised service, and specialises in creating engagement rings using sustainable methodology. 

All Stone Lab pieces are handmade using traditional techniques and craftsmanship, and use ethically sourced materials. 

Each of Stone Lab’s lab grown diamond engagement rings features a guaranteed record of how and where each diamond is produced. In addition, each lab grown diamond has an IGIor GCAL certification to verify its exceptional quality. 

The company also offers repair services for those “looking to breathe new life into an old heirloom”, as well as virtual consultations.

Steven Stone added the Stone Lab offers its customers a “unique, personalised” experience, and collaborates closely with them to create jewellery that “reflects their individual style and personality”. Customers are able to choose every element of their jewellery including the metal, design, diamonds or gemstones and size. 

The Stone Lab has two workshops, one in Manchester and another in Central London. Its three master goldsmiths have over six decades of experience.

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