Steven Stone unveils The Sanderson Collection

Steven Stone has unveiled its new Sanderson collection, a selection of engagement rings designed for the Sanderson sisters from the film Hocus Pocus 2.

The ring for Winifred includes an emerald cut centre stone with a four prong setting and retails for £250,000.

A gold spider’s web sits on top of the emerald serving as a reflection of the passage of time and the patience of the spider awaiting its prey.

Mary’s engagement ring is set on a white gold band and features a central red ruby and also retails for £225,000.

It is surrounded by a combination of pear shaped rubies and round diamonds, with silver spider webs detailing on either side.

Lastly, Sarah’s engagement ring features three amethyst stones and a row of round diamonds, sat on a rose gold band, and costs £12,000.

Maxwell Stone, creative director, said: “We were keen to celebrate Halloween with something unique and what could be better than paying homage to one of our favourite Halloween films, ‘Hocus Pocus’. ‘The Sanderson Collection’ features three engagement rings – one for each of the witches.

“The distinctive gemstones in each ring match the colours that each witch wears, but we also took inspiration from their eclectic personalities – from using a rose gold band to encapsulate Sarah’s feminine nature and pear shaped rubies to represent the emotional bond and connection Mary has with her sisters, to the use of a four prong setting in Winifred’s ring, ensuring that her vivid emerald is the star of the show in the same way that she is.”

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