Tasaki expands M/G Tasaki range with two collections

Japanese jewellery maison Tasaki has launched two new collections to its M/G Tasaki series.

The new collection includes Sliced Sphere and Sliced Bezel and has been designed by Melanie Georgacopoulos, head designer for M/G Tasaki.

Sliced was one of Georgacopoulos’ first collections for Tasaki, which launched 10 years ago and is now established as an icon of M/G Tasaki.

The series was inspired by her own curiosity to find the “inner beauty” of a pearl and through Tasaki’s craftsmanship, the pearls are boldly sliced, revealing their inside to create “unique” jewellery expressions.

In total there will be 16 new pieces to the M/G Tasaki series, eight for each Sliced collection.

Sliced Bezel includes “modern” twists of a classic pearl necklace to “bold” clusters of sliced pearls in statement earrings and rings, each with 1/2 and 2/3 sliced pearls with 18k yellow gold sculpted around the edge of the sliced pearls.

Meanwhile, Sliced Sphere features sliced pearls assembled with 18k yellow gold spheres mimicking the pearl in both whole and sliced representations. Once again including a modern take on a classic pearl necklace the line also includes clusters of the motif for a bracelet, ear cuffs, rings and ascending pearls in a pendant.

Georgacopoulos said: “The novel approach frees the pearls from their classic image, to create a modern, innovative design. The two new collections further explore the sliced motif.”

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