Tiffany and Co acquires ‘Tiffany Muzo Emerald’

Tiffany and Co has announced that it has acquired a rare 10 carat “Tiffany Muzo Emerald”.

The gemstone is named after the mine it was found in, the Muzo emerald mine in Colombia.

The rectangular square cut emerald was extracted from the historical Puerto Arturo shaft in December 2019.

It is rare due to its exceptionally high clarity, which provides a superior degree of transparency, and it has no fissures and is virtually inclusion free.

The “Tiffany Muzo Emerald” will debut alongside the autumn launch of Tiffany’s Blue Book 2023: Out of the Blue collection.

Victoria Wirth Reynolds, chief gemologist, Tiffany and Co, said: “As the world’s authority on rare gems, we are thrilled to announce our recent acquisition of the Tiffany Muzo Emerald,” said. This remarkable stone, weighing over 10 carats, is a continuation of Tiffany’s long standing heritage of acquiring the most coveted gemstones that Mother Nature has to offer.”

Tiffany and Co has more than 300 retail stores worldwide and a workforce of more than 14,000 employees.

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