Tiffany and Co launches Elsa Peretti Split Ring

Tiffany and Co has introduced the Elsa Peretti Split Ring in celebration of the upcoming 50th anniversary of when Peretti first joined the group in 1974 as a designer.

The ring was inspired by Peretti’s Bone cuff design first introduced in 1970, and now a hallmark of her design “ingenuity and craftsmanship”. 

The Split ring is a nod to the “sublime beauty” found in nature. Defined by “sensuous” contours and sculpted to conform to your finger, this ring comes in 18k yellow gold.

Tiffany and Co. said: “Peretti’s arrival at Tiffany and Co. revolutionised the way jewellery was worn. Her pursuit of excellence took her around the world where she partnered with master artisans, whose expertise she honoured. Fifty years on, it’s indisputable that Elsa Peretti is one of the most important and acclaimed designers of our time.”

Peretti once said: “My love for bones has nothing macabre about it. As a child, I kept on visiting the cemetery of a seventeenth Capuchin church with my Nanny. All the rooms were decorated with human bones. My mother had to send me back, time and again, with a stolen bone in my little purse. Things that are forbidden remain with you forever. Later on I was free to collect bones, so at my leisure I designed part of a world of beautiful shapes. They are still before me now.”

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