Tiffany and Co unveils Blue Book 2023: Out of the Blue

Tiffany and Co has announced its new Blue Book 2023: Out of the Blue collection.

The new designs celebrate Jean Schlumberger and his fascination with the sea’s “fantastical creatures”.

The collection will debut in two phases over the course of 2023 with various themes embodying aquatic life.

The summer collection will launch with seven distinct themes: Shell, Coral, Jellyfish, Pisces, Starfish, Sea Star and Star Urchin.

Anthony Ledru, CEO, said: “With Blue Book 2023, we saw an opportunity to honour Jean Schlumberger’s legacy by giving new life to some of his most celebrated designs. These creations have a distinct Schlumberger quality and personality to them, but the designs are all new. We are certain that he would have been as pleased with each masterpiece as we are.”

Nathalie Verdeille, chief artistic officer, added: “In Jean Schlumberger’s imagination and design philosophy, the sea represented an unknown, infinite world. He choreographed unparalleled manifestations of its majesty and mystery. My first Blue Book collection for the House is a deep dive into aquatic life that both honours and reimagines Schlumberger’s vision.”

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