Under Her Eyes debuts first jewellery range

New British brand Under Her Eyes has announced the launch of its first jewellery range.

The new launch features three collections, namely The Daryl, The Astrid and The Cressida.

The Daryl collection is inspired by the sharp heart shaped edges of antique jewellery boxes and the concept of “hard love”, the jagged heart shape represents the “complexities of affection”.

Meanwhile, the Astrid jewellery collection draws inspiration from the stars in vintage tarot cards and The Cressida jewellery collection is inspired by the moon found in vintage tarot cards, embodying the moon’s transformative power of change and renewal. The collection comprises a chunky necklace with a large moon shaped pendant and a delicate necklace with a small moon shaped pendant, moon ring, moon shaped charm hoops and moon studs, all of which feature a mother of pearl stone.

Every collection includes a chunky and delicate necklace with a pendant, stud, hoop and charm earrings and rings. Additionally, all jewellery pieces are crafted from 18k gold-plated recycled sterling silver or sterling silver and feature a selection of semi-precious stones.

Under Her Eyes is currently sold online and in a small selection of exclusive London boutiques.

Through partnerships with Fashion Revolution and Common Objective, Under Her Eyes ensures end-to-end transparency within its supply chain.

The founder, Silva, spent over 20 years heading up the menswear and womenswear departments at leading fashion houses.

Silva said: “Manufacturers were sacrificing individuality to satisfy short-term trends at the expense of the planet’s well-being. In response, Under Her Eyes is dedicated to re-establishing luxury through handcrafting unique, high-quality pieces in small batches, designed to last a lifetime, not just a season.”

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