Von Köck unveils new Valentines lines

Austrian jeweller Von Köck has unveiled two new lines ahead of Valentine’s Day.

The first line is called Am Ohre and is Von Köck’s first customised jewellery line offering 17 different precious and semi-precious jewels.

Von Köck has selected four stones to choose from; synthetic ruby, green quartz prasiolite, synthetic sky blue topaz, and dark green achat gemstone.

The company has also chosen a brief selection from the AM OHRE line of prêt-a-porter pieces coming in vivid sea blue, ruby red, and purple topaz and amethyst gemstones.

The selection comes supported on either a bed of silver or gold and is detailed with clear precious round diamonds.

The Am Ohre AM line also includes delicate miniature diamond hoop earrings detailed with six-round clear diamonds which come in both white and rosé gold.

The second collection includes a set of daring drop earrings, and an 18-carat gold rosé diamond ring.

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