Vrai launches new Vrai V collection

Vrai has announced the launch of its Vrai V collection, inspired by the Vrai logo with its V-shaped knife edge setting.

According to Vrai, the new collection features “bold” and “sleek” pieces reimagining the essence of unisex fine jewellery.

All pieces within the range are created in Vrai’s certified zero-emission foundry.

The new collection includes pieces that link multiples for tennis and double bands, as well as creative solitaire reinterpretations with its distinctive knife-edge V setting made from discarded solid materials.

Meanwhile, with the Flex bangle, Vrai has also introduced its first spring wire bangle

Additionally, the tennis necklace and choker both feature invisible clasps due to the continuous V interlinked multiple rows statement design.

The Vrai V collection retails from £202 to £13,917.

Mona Akhavi, president of Vrai, said: “We created the Vrai V Collection with the intention of introducing an iconic and identifiable hero assortment that is synonymous with the VRAI brand name and our core sustainability values. What we brought to life is an elegant, unisex collection celebrating true individuality and unique style.

“Vrai customers will appreciate thoughtful craftsmanship details present throughout the collection such as the size of the chain proportionate to the motif and the carat version chosen in solitaire necklaces.”

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