What Makes Carlos Augusto Graterol Matamoros’s Necklace Art Jewelry?

IT PROVIDES A DISCOURSE ON HUMAN SITUATIONS. Jewelry is not only a precious and shiny object that makes us look good or marks our social status. Contemporary jewelry can and should be an object that provides a discourse on human situations, such as thoughts, memories, shortcomings, and feelings. Joy or sadness and many other situations can be expressed through it.

Carlos Augusto Graterol Matamoros, Pristine Cathedral of Thought, necklace, found objects, acrylic paint, 13 ¾ x 7 ⅞ inches (350 x 200 mm), photo: artist

“The necklace is art jewelry because it is a form of expression with which I try to remember all those thoughts of anguish, silence and loss experienced during the pandemic. Only I have the key of my memories and thoughts of what I lost during the pandemic.” —Carlos Augusto Graterol Matamoros

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